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why am i getting html5: Video file not found on this and many other posts?

By: Panarchy | 6996 pt.80 | 2 hours ago
File not found, fix this fucking crap!

Pobre chica los que estaban mirando el directo unieran avisado a alguien , era hermosa que en paz descanse⚱⚱

By: crfxcix666 | 6996 pt.57 | 1 day ago
Thank you!

By: Anonymous | 6996 pt.6 | 1 day ago
I would like some background information about that

By: Mortem | 6996 pt.60 | 1 day ago

By: Libertas | 6996 pt.51 | 1 day ago
hmm i think obama deserves this, after all, he supports this

By: Anonymous | Bastards Execute A Helpless Teen | 1 day ago
fucking cunts

By: Anonymous | Teen ambushed and executed | 1 day ago
i love how they always do this near people's clothing stores

By: Anonymous | Angry Mob Lights A Thief On Fire | 1 day ago