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Country: Australia
City: Hell
Joined: 1 month ago
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Single
Posted: 2 albums , 1 channel
Age: 100
Sexual orientation: Straight
Favourites: 10 videos , 1 album , 1 playlist
About me: I'm about to fucking kill some prick that desperately deserves it so I'll record, then copy it and post the video on here later!! And just in case you morons believed what I just said then I need to say that I"M FUCKING KIDDING!! ok so dont go mental and call the authorities over here or anything cause you'll only get hold of a kangaroo who will do nothing but what kangaroos do... .......shit if you're bored in your country, I'll send you one ok but be warned they eat humans :) yeah thats Australia for you ferals everywhere...:getlost::alien::devil: http://sickoo.com/channels/dragonz-iz-devious/

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