punished and humiliated


korean girl punished and humiliated by classmates aka Asian hazing in the dorm darkscandals,www.rarescandals.xyz darksdsp6iexyidx.onion.link

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it was happened long time ago.maybe in 2009 ~2011 i am not sure. and they were all teenager at that time and were from same school. the victims did run away from them and reported and the none of bully go jail

by Anonymous - 1 month ago

hmm,one detail...i do not know korean, so if text translated ok...These new made sexslaves at first spoke I'D NEVER WORK AS PROSTITUTE WITH THIS PUSSY and in the end they speak WE WILL GIVE CHANG HANA SENPAI (suppose pimps name) ALL WHEN EVER WE WORK AS PROSTITUTE -so they will WORK as prostitutes but NOT WITH PUSSY so only anal/oral service or???

by yomomo - 10 months ago

South Korea girls made sexslaves from these two.Have read there are nine vids of them, but i saw only this one.In the end slavegirls swear to serve their masters forever....

by yomomo - 10 months ago