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Suicide Note

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Anonymous 12 months ago 1 +1 -1

Oops forgot too sign in, showed up as anon..
Make those hugs, many and hopefully she finds love. We cannot change the world, however we could spend some time reaching out to those that need us. BEFORE they become famous here.


Anonymous 12 months ago 2 +1 -1

I hope she finds a human that is worthy of her. Sad story, seems too real of todays' youngsters . I wish her well. and many (((HUGS))).


Anonymous 12 months ago 0 +1 -1

Actually its not familiar to me, her storys not I mean...just her sadness in a way (should have been more specific about that sorry :P:happy:


Anonymous 12 months ago 1 +1 -1

:pouty: wow this is eerily familiar in some ways...fuck;(
I feel bad for this chick:unsure:
So if you do read this (girl in vid) then I got one piece of advice for you...probably the only advice which could help you feel better...:wassat:
"DON'T give the people that are hurting you so much power over your life...they are not worth it, seriously, family or friend or whoever...if they have made you this depressed then THEY ARE NOT WORTH ANYTHING!! certainly not worthy of being the causes of your depression and/or possible suicide!!
Get them out of your life and forget them...its hard but you can do it...noone can make your life better except YOU! fuck everyone else, and as bad as this is going to sound, its 100% true...the more a person can see or is aware that you're upset and they are the cause, and the more you 'cry out to them for help' and they hear you...THE MORE THEY LIKE THE POWER AND THE LESS SYMPATHY AND/OR HELP YOU'LL GET FROM noone would ever admit that to themselves or to anyone else but its the TRUEST comment you'll ever read so ignore and forget those hurting you and worry NOT about anybody's opinions of you and focus on other things in your life that make you (or could make you) happy...:heart:


Anonymous 12 months ago 1 +1 -1

What is your name on your facebook account? Mine is Dylan Paul, please friend me.:):):):):)