Young Man Raped by Two Female Sexual Predators


source : An abhorrent video of a violent sexual assault on a man by two women has been leaked to the internet. According to the information I got, the video was filmed in South Africa, however I was unable to verify that information. While one sexual predator keeps the defenseless man pinned down, the other violates his genitals in an attempt to stimulate him against his will, so the predator on top of him can mount his penis. The man clearly opposes sexual contact with the women, and struggles to defend himself against being raped, but that doesn’t stop the predators from sexually abusing hi against his will. It’s time to say it like it is – the world has a problem with female sexual predators raping men, including female pedophiles raping underage boys, and the problem keeps getting worse by the year. Accordingly, we need to start campaigns and initiatives to “Teach Girls Not To Rape“. Time to address the female rape culture is now.

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