Man Catches Wife Whoring Herself Out, Delivers That Slu


source : husband caught his wife whoring herself out to other men, and took care of that slut like a man, not a cuck. The video shows him delivering the whore wife beating, and cutting her hair. She still got it easy, because a man making sexually suggestive movements toward women would have been accused of rape, and beheaded, dismembered, sodomized and mutilated in prison, but it’s still a step in the right direction.



She got what was coming still​I was attempt what the husband did was wrong but it's hard to feel bad for the little slut YEAR MARRIED WHAT I YOU DOING

by Palbilo - 10 months ago

o fuck I hate this woman-bashing shit...........:dizzy:
ugh I can't watch it all:angry::pinch:

by Anonymous - 1 year ago