Girl bullied by school friends



Vorrei avere soltanto la Forza e l'Energia per poter spaccare le gambe a questi stronzi.Bulli vigliacchi e Figli di Puttana.

by Anonymous - 3 months ago

I hope the bullys die! :angry:

by Anonymous - 7 months ago

:angry::angry::angry: This video is infuriating!!! I don't know why that poor girl didn't fight back or try to run. She must have been suffering at the hands of that worthless, Russian cunt for some time. I have 12 and 10 year old daughters and if anyone even thought of doing something like this to them I would kill them and then their parents. Fortunately, my daughters have been trained to fight and are very good at it. I hope someone over there got a hold of that piece of shit and fucked her up.

by TheBullyBreaker - 12 months ago